Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

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Rocklin, CA
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Players may join teams mid season (fees prorated)

YBA-AAU: 3rd Grade - High School Basketball Program
We are proud of our new program open to any child looking to learn and develop their skill at basketball.

Each individual will be evaluated and be assigned to a skill level based competitive program. Each player will participate in either an instructional program, instructional games or assigned to an AAU Team. AAU teams compete against teams from other cities or competitive teams. Every player has the opportunity to improve and be selected to a higher caliber team. Players will compete at the level appropriate to experience and abilities as determined by the YBA- staff.

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YBA Details:
2016 Seasons: 

Team practices or training minimum twice a week.  Times will vary based on grade/team, but individual team practice times will remain fixed for the applicable session.​

  • Pre Season starts Late 2015 Fall
  • Some teams may travel more and others may have modified schedules
  • AAU Winter Tournament Season Jan 4th-March 13th   (No Practice Jan 18th, Feb 15th) 

2 Weekly Practices/Trainings (Times TBA), 6 tournaments (10 Weeks)

  • AAU Spring Tournament Season March 14th-May 30th (No Practice March 21th-25th)

2 Weekly Practices/Trainings (Times TBA), 6 tournaments (10 Weeks)

 Click here for YBA-AAU Program Frequently Asked Questions


YBA-Dawgs and AAU Tournament team: Cost $300-350 per 10 week session
Players must be selected to participate on this team.

  • Includes 6 tournaments or games played on Saturday and/or Sunday (15-18 games)
  • Tournament team members will incur additional uniform, practice jersey cost and an entrance fee to games.
  • Athletes must have appropriate experience/abilities as determined by the YBA-AAU staff.
  • Include experienced coaches, competitive tournaments, practice, YBA training and an organized professional positive experience.
  • Competition teams will play with high school rules. We will be teaching Zone offense/defense, man2man offense/defense and full court pressing/press break and an organized professional positive experience.

 YBA-AAU Training program: Cost $150 per 10 week session

  • Open to all participants including players new to the game.
    Includes 5-7 training session's held on Mondays organized for instruction and a professional positive experience. No training on Holidays check the calendar for updated dates.



 Frequently Asked Questions about the YBA-AAU Program:


Who is YBA?
YBA is a competitive AAU basketball Club that plays other travel teams and clubs on the weekends. We play year around with a Winter, Spring, Summer and (off season) fall program. Teams typically practice twice a week and all our coaches are Experienced College, High School, AAU coaches unlike most programs with parent volunteer coaches. 

Please click the link to find out more about YBA!
YBADAWGS (Click here)

How do I tryout?

(Click Here for current tryout information) then contact Ken Gee   kengeeyba@gmail.com


When and where do they practice and play?

Players practice at Hardwood or at the YBA Practice facility next door to Hardwood. Each team has 2 practice days in Winter or Spring season. They play tournament games typically 3 in a weekend mostly at Hardwood Place. We try our best for them to play at a level that they can compete at. 

Can I choose my level, team or coach?
Players will compete at the level appropriate to experience and abilities as determined by the YBA-AAU staff.

How and when will we be contacted about what team he will play on and the details? 
Information will be given after the tryouts or evaluation you may need to bring your son to a team practice for further evaluations.

My son wants to play for an AAU team but is new to AAU... Can he make a team? Can he move up and play at a higher level?
If your child is competitive and has a skill set and was one of the better players in recreation (Hotshots, Hardwood Hoops, City programs) he should make a team or at least be a alternate or practice player. We have 3-4 teams usually....Not every player will make an AAU team. YBA-AAU staff will work with individuals to improve their skill sets to make a higher team or possibly make a future team. The goal with all players is to improve skills in a positive atmosphere in hopes they can make there future middle and high school teams.

How much does it cost?

The program details are listed on the YBA website: Click Here


What is the difference between YBA-DAWGS and YBA-AAU?

The YBA DAWGS program has been established since 2004 and these kids travel and play at the highest level for age group.

YBA-AAU program offers more opportunities for kids to play AAU and Competitive Basketball.


Is the YBA-AAU an AAU team?

Yes, the tournament teams will play other AAU teams.

What basic fundamentals would my son have to have to play AAU?
Proficient left and right hand, correct footwork, a good skill set such as defending, shooting, ball-handling, rebounding and passing. Coachability, experience, athleticism, determination, quickness and size also play a factor to determine competitive ability.

Can I request a friend on my team?
You can request a friend with the same skill level and we will try our best to make it a positive experience. If ride shares are required and a player has a higher skill level but needs to play on a lower team for transportation reasons we can accomidate. 

What if my son can't play on Sundays or only wants training?
Most teams work with players who don't play on Sundays. They can always participate in our Monday training program for a fee

How can I become a coach?

YBA is always looking for experienced coaches please email us with your background and resume if you are interested.


Does YBA-AAU have semi and private training?

Yes! We also have a list of great trainers listed on our website to schedule private sessions. (Click Here for our trainers)


If my son makes a team does he have to tryout the next session?

No, If your child makes a Winter team they do not have to tryout again for Spring Season. Summer and Fall are separate off season programs. 


Will the teams stay intact each session?

Yes, the core group of kids will stay as a group each session Winter and Spring. We will try our best to keep team intact for chemistry and friendships.


Is there an opportunity for my son to play with the YBA DAWGS program?

There are limited opportunities based on players leaving the YBA DAWGS program. The YBA-DAWGS will continue to strive to compete at the highest of levels with and against top notch competition. If your son wants to play he will need to be invited and athletes must have appropriate experience/abilities as determined by the YBA-DAWGS staff.