Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

Sponsored By:   Selby's Soil
Rocklin, CA
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Sunday Oct 11th Showcase


17U Platinum

GAME 1 9:00 CT1 CPAO BLUE vs Team GRRR

GAME 2 9:00 CT3 NorCal Ducks vs SBC

GAME 3 10:00 CT1 G1 Winner vs Team Superstar Elite

GAME 4 10:00 CT3 G2 Winner vs Family First

GAME 5 11:00 CT1 Pacers Elite vs YBA Select Robinson 

GAME 6 11:00 CT3 CPAO WHITE vs The Ranch BBall Club

GAME 7 12:00 CT1 G3 Winner vs G4 Winner

GAME 8 12:00 CT3 G1 Loser vs G2 Loser

GAME 9 1:00 CT1 G5 Winner vs G6 Winner

GAME10 1:00 CT3 G3 Loser vs G4 Loser

GAME11 2:00 CT3 G5 Loser vs G6 Loser

CHAMPIONSHIP 2:00 CT1 G7 Winner vs G9 Winner



GAME 1    9:00  CT5    YBA Select Robinson 2023 vs YBA Elite Rize 2023

GAME 2   11:00 CT7    PK4 vs Team Superstar Select

GAME 3   12:00 CT5    E-Time Hoops  vs Pacers Elite

GAME 4   12:00 CT7    CPAO Red vs Warriors Basketball Club

GAME 5     1:00 CT7    G2 Winner vs G4 Winner

GAME 6     2:00 CT7    G1 Winner vs G3 Winner

Game 7      3:00 CT3    G2 Loser vs G4 Loser

Game 8      3:00 CT7    G1 Loser vs G3 Loser

CHAMPIONSHIP    3:00 CT1    G5 Winner vs G6 Winner



15U Platinum





Jr Cougars


Team Superstar 15U

Rose City 15U


GAME 1    9:00  CT7    YBA ELITE 15U vs Rose City 15U

GAME 2   10:00 CT5    YBA ELITE RIZE 2025 vs Jr Cougars

GAME 3   10:00 CT7    CTB 15U vs Rose City 15U

GAME 4   11:00 CT5    Team Superstar 15U vs YBA ELITE RIZE 2025

GAME 5     1:00 CT7    Team Superstar 15U vs Jr Cougars

GAME 6     2:00 CT5     CTB 15U vs YBA Elite 15U

CHAMPIONSHIP    3:00 CT5    Pool A Winner vs Pool B Winner