Our mission is to organize competitive youth basketball teams and instructional basketball programs for elementary through high school boys in Rocklin and the South Placer County area. Our teams and programs are built on teaching solid fundamentals and a

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Rocklin, CA
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posted 03/21/2018
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posted 03/20/2018
Looking for players for teams

YBA is looking for Experienced AAU Players 2nd-12th Grade contact me ASAP for an evaluation. We offer Year around AAU Tournament Basketball Teams & Training Programs for Placer County. Tryouts and programs are ongoing New/Invited players will be prorated and join mid season based on availability. 

STEP #1 New Player YBA  (Register for Tryouts)

STEP #2 (for faster response text  916-276-5367 or email kengeeyba@gmail.com)

Feel free to email Kengeeyba@gmail.com for questions, current teams and programs for your child. 

YBA is located 1091 Tinker Rd #200A Rocklin, CA 95765 

Tournament Schedule

Current/Upcoming Programs

Camps and Clinics

2019/20 AAU Teams/Tryouts

Who and What is YBA-AAU??

Practice Schedule


Training Private/Semi Private


2019 AAU Teams

Elementry/Middle School Seasons 

  • High School Contact Us
  • Fall #2 Elementry Girls Only $185 Tournament/Games/Practice
  • 2nd-6th Grade Boys Nov/Dec PreSeason Games
  • Winter Season Jan 6th-Mar 15th (No HP 2/17th)
  • Spring Season Mar 16th-May 25th (No Practice/Games 4/6-4/12)

Tryout information 2019/20 (Click Here to Register) 

Scrimmages (Shake rust off), *New/Returning Open Tryouts Manditory, Make Up (missed days sick ect)

2nd-6th Grade Boys Pre Tryouts Scrimmage/Open Gym Perfect to shake rust off ($25 Fee Includes Nov Tryouts)

  • Oct 21st  Mon 6:00-7:30 2nd/3rd/4th Grade HP2/YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct2)
  • Oct 21st Mon 7:30-9:00 5th&6th Grade HP2/3/4 (Meet @Hardwood Ct3)
  • Oct 24th Thur* 6:00-7:30 2nd/3rd/4th Grade HP1/YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct1)
  • Oct 24th Thur* 7:30-9:00 5th/6th Grade HP1/7/YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct1)
  • Oct 27th Sun 6:00-7:30 2nd/3rd/4th Grade HP3/4/YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct3)
  • Oct 27th Sun 7:30-9:00 5th/6th Grade HP 3/4/YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct3)
  • Oct 28th Mon 7:30-9:00 5th&6th Grade HP2/3/4/YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct 3)

2nd-6th Grade Boys Open Tryouts (2020 Winter Teams) ($25 Fee Includes Oct Scrimmage Open Gym)

  • Oct 28th Mon 6:00-7:30 2nd/3rd/4th Grade H2&YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct2)
  • Nov 3rd Sun 6:00-7:30 2nd/3rd/4th Grade HP3/4/YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct3)
  • Nov 3rd Sun 7:30-9:00 5th/6th Grade HP 3/4/7/YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct3)
  • Nov 4th Mon 6:00-7:30 2nd/3rd/4th "Make Up" HP2/YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct2)
  • Nov 6th Wed 7:30-9:00 5th Grade HP 1/2/4/YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct1)
  • Nov 7th Thur 7:30-9:00 6th Grade HP1/7/YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct1)
  • Nov 7th Thur 6:00-7:30 2-5th Grade "Make Up" HP1/YBA (Meet @Hardwood Ct1)
  • Nov 10th Sun 6:00-7:30 2nd/3rd/4th Grade "Make Up" (Meet @Hardwood Ct3)
  • Nov 10th Sun 7:30-9:00 5th/6th Grade HP 3/4/YBA "Make Up" (Meet @Hardwood Ct3)

4th-6th Grade Girls Dec 1st and 8th and 9th

  • 7th/8th Grade Boys Tryouts Dec 13th, 15th, 16th and 18th
  • 7/8th Grade Girls Tryouts February 2020
  • High School Boys/Girls February 2020

Contact Ken Gee with questions (Text) 916-276-5367 Email: kengeeyba@gmail.com


Congratulations Cristiano Signs with Bulls!



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by posted 03/19/2018
140+ YBA Athletes Pro or College Players

YBA has over 140+ former players now playing NBA Professional or College Sports.
49 D1, NBA or Pro players....
Who's next?? (Click here for list, teams schools and videos).

by Ken Gee posted 08/05/2012
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